Tyre Rotation

Switching Your tyres around

Tyre life can often be increased by occasionally switching tyres around on the car, possibly every 2000 to 3000 miles. This will even out tyre wear.

On front wheel drive cars, the front tyres wear much faster, often doing only half the mileage of rear tyres. On rear wheel drive cars,  there is little noticeable difference between front and rear tyre wear.

Don’t forget the safety implications of changing over tyres. Despite what the majority of  motorists believe, newer tyres should be fitted to the rear, regardless of whether the vehicle is front or rear wheel drive.  Recommended rotation patterns are shown below. Obviously tyres that have a rotation marking cannot be switched from one side to the other unless the tyre is turned on the rim. Also be aware that some cars have a different front size to the rear. In this case no changes can be made.

Tyre Rotation Patterns

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