BMW Partnership with Maxxis Tyres

BMW Partnership with Maxxis Tyres

Maxxis, the leading tire manufacturer, has strengthened its partnership with BMW Group by supplying original equipment (OE) tires for the BMW 1 Series in Europe. The new deal, effective from this month, requires Maxxis to provide BMW Group with high-quality tires in the size of 225/40R18 92Y XL HP5.

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Dr. Wally Chen, chairman of Maxxis International, expressed his delight at the new partnership, saying, “We are so pleased to supply tires for the BMW 1 Series, and we want to thank BMW Group for choosing Maxxis. The fact that we have met BMW Group’s strict quality standards is a source of pride for everyone at our company. As our partnership grows, Maxxis will strive to continue serving BMW Group with 100% Quality, 100% Service and 100% Trust.”

Maxxis’ commitment to quality and innovation is evident in the BMW 1 Series tyre’s exceptional performance, receiving Europe’s highest tire-label rating, A, in both wet grip and rolling resistance. The tire’s compound is mixed using advanced technology for increased mileage, and its award-winning Premitra HP5 pattern reduces noise and vibration for a comfortable ride.

This new partnership marks a significant milestone in the longstanding relationship between Maxxis and BMW Group. Since 2015, Maxxis has supplied spare tires for BMW Group in Europe, starting with spares for the BMW Mini Clubman and the BMW X1 and adding the BMW 5, BMW 7, BMW X3, and BMW X4 the following year. In July 2022, the company began supplying spare tires for the BMW 3. Besides, Maxxis’ Supermaxx SC tires serve as OE for BMW CE 04 e-scooter.

Maxxis’ latest partnership with BMW Group strengthens the brand’s position as a tire manufacturer committed to providing quality and innovative products. With an established record of supplying spare tires for BMW Group in Europe and beyond, Maxxis aims to continue serving its partners with exceptional products and services.